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The Philistine
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UNITED COMICS products will always be available from us FIRST before they are solicited nationwide through our distribution partners. While we appreciate orders worldwide through this section, we encourage all retailers to order through our distributors whenever possible to help keep our order numbers up. At this time, we will only offer material to retailers at discount after distributor's final order totals have been received.

Twilight: First Flight TPB

Available NOW!

Remember when comics were FUN? You WILL...

Shockwave: BETA

Available NOW!

A "pilot episode" of the upcoming monthly SHOCKWAVE comic.

The Philistine


A renegade government agent brings his own brand of justice to the mean streets of his youth.

Onyx Comics featuring HEROES: CLASSIFIED

Ship Date To Be Announced

Every major hero and team started in an anthology type comic...here's the NEWEST...

character prints and stuff

[COMING SOON] When the comics just aren't enough...


original art for sale

[COMING SOON] Original and Commissioned Art for sale 




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